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Sacred Strings Records Inc.
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Welcome to Sacred Strings Records Inc.
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Sacred Strings Records Inc. P.O. BOX 9097 TOLEDO, OH 43697-9097  (419) 243-0564
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Just when the music industry thought all forms of Christian roots music had been identified, emerges another example of the unlimited expressions of gospel music in the form of sacred steel.

Sacred Strings Records Inc. was founded in 2009 by Del Ray and Kelli Grace, and later incorporated in August of 2012. Under the umbrella of SSR Inc., we have established an independent record label, the annual Sacred Strings Showcase Concert, Sacred Steel Hall of Fame, and Sacred Steel TV. We are headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, the Mecca of Sacred Steel Music & History. Del Grace wears many hats in the world of Sacred Steel. He is a sacred steel musician, historian, researcher, TV producer, record label owner, and book author.

Sacred Steel music has survived for over eighty years through oral tradition. Fathers taught their sons, older musician taught the younger musicians. There are no music manuscripts or sheet music on the subject of sacred steel. The music is written in the heart and soul of those destined to carry it on.  

SSRI, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves as the face and voice for the sacred steel community and is dedicated to exposing, promoting and preserving the legacy of the many pioneers and tradition bearers of the sacred steel movement.

We exist to protect the sacred steel tradition from extinction. By reviving this music, we hope to fill the unfortunate void created when our most prominent pioneers and tradition bearers began to pass off the scene with no record or documentation of their musical contributions. 

Due to the efforts of SSRI, many tradition bearers will have their rightful place in today's history and future generations will be able to appreciate the rich history of sacred steel music. 

For over three decades, we have spent much time and effort acquiring the world’s largest and most advanced catalog of live sacred steel recordings from the 1960’s to the present day. Our archive contains original audio and video footage, interviews, music files, publicity materials, photographs, film, and articles.
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Del Ray and Kelli Grace - Co Founders      
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