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Sacred Strings Records Inc.
The Queens Sacred Steel Hall of Fame, was created in 2019 to recognize, honor & preserve the contributions of trail-blazing women, giving them their rightful place in the legacy of Sacred Steel music.

The first class of female Hall of Fame inductees will consist of Kim Love-McLendon (Philadelphia, Pa), Teresa Jackson (Rockford, Ill), Fran E. Grace (Toledo, Ohio), Lisa Lang (Lauderhill, Fl), Maurice Bradley (Rochester, New York), and Angela Grace Russell (Toledo, Ohio). 

Queens Sacred Steel Hall of Fame
The Loretta Boles O’Bryant, Sacred Steel Sisterhood Award, is given to recognize the significant contributions that women have played in the history  of sacred steel music.                                                                                    
Women are usually the supporting cast, playing secondary instruments such as the bass guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, keyboards, etc. These instruments are just as important and play an essential part in the total chemistry of Sacred Steel music. ​All female musicians will receive a certificate of award that perform in Toledo, Ohio at the Mecca of Sacred Steel Music & History to honor the memory of our Mother, the late Loretta Boles O'Bryant. 

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2019 Queens of Sacred Steel Concert Available on CD & DVD